Sunday, October 5, 2008

Technology is Everywhere!!

Its been a while since I've last posted anything on here. We were supposed to discover the website of Flickr. I am very familiar with this website, as I have been a member for several years, although, was always too frugal to pay for an account. This limited the amount of photos I could post on there, so I slowly moved away from storing my photos on this site & just keep them on CDs now.

I do love looking at the photos on Flickr & have used them many times for work-related flyers & on my website. In my Intro to Information Technology class, we are learning HTML & I've learned how to add photos from flickr into HTML to display on my webpage.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More Web 2.0 Thoughts

I've decided to use this blog mostly for learning/business purposes, but I always find a bit of my outside life will leak through.

I've been thinking more & more about Web 2.0 and what part it plays in our lives. I've realized that my generation doesn't really put much thought into Web 2.0 tools. We are the "social networking" generation. We are the "online dating" generation. We are the "I found you on MySpace/Facebook" generation. Web 2.0 has become so habitual, we don't even consider how it came about, how often we use it and what a big role it plays in our daily lives.

I've used Facebook to connect with classmates I haven't seen in years. I've used Myspace & Craigslist to promote my freelance pet sitting business (which, by the way, if you know anyone that needs a pet sitter, PLEASE, get in touch with me!) I've sold a number of items on Craigslist. I've created a Wikipedia spin-off website for my full-time job.

After dedicating much thought to Web 2.0, I've really realized what a big part of not only my daily & personal life it is, but what a big part of society it is. It only makes me think of the future and what the next big thing will be called (Web 3.0??)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Week #1 Life-Long Learning & Web 2.0

Although I am familiar with Web 2.0, I loved watching the tutorial on lifelong learning & 23 things to remember. This was really helpful for me, not only in this project, but also in my job. I work in the Training Department for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, so we are always discussing different learning methods & ways adult learners retain information & skills.

I would like to share this tutorial with my boss, just as something extra our department might be interested in exploring. I also learned about the importance of blogs & how they can be a valid & useful method of communicating information.

I am excited to see how my work evolves over the next few weeks and all the different things I can learn. I'm glad we get to use this Blogger site. It was very easy for me to set up & learn how to use.

I'm excited to work toward the prize at the end of the 4 months. I'm torn between an MP3 player or the $40 best buy card, but I think I'm going to have to choose the MP3 player. I can't wait!!